Portrait. part 1

Project Description

Here you can find examples of individual professional shooting, photoshoots, portfolio, model tests, lifestyle or street style shooting. If you want to make some soft portraits or a fashion shooting in laundry or something special — we can do this, our team consists of professional stylists, decorators, makeup artists, hair artist and we can realize any, even the craziest idea. We work all over the world: Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Dubai and many others. If you want to be a model, you need model test — is a shooting of model that emphasizes her type, dignity and ability. Model testing must demonstrate model’s ability to pose and behave in a frame, also it is a great training for a model and a photographer. Model tests or snapshot (Polaroids) helps modeling agency or customer to choose a model for the shoot. Snapshot photos — photos without makeup and with a minimal clothes, preferably in a bathing suit or underwear. Photos should be in full face and profile, without posturing. Clothing for model test shots should be simple and do not detract from a model and should be beneficial to emphasize the shape of the model. Makeup should be natural, light, fresh. Hairstyle should be not complicated: smooth straight hair, slightly wet, bunch or natural negligence.


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Project Details

  • InfoPhotographer Kushyk Olya