Pepsi. «Sorry, Mom» project

Project Description

The motto of the new company Pepsi — Sorry, Mom! And under this motto, we had our photo shoot. There was everything — unrestrained fun, interesting locations, incendiary parties, funny guys. Photos are live, spirited and inspiring. Looking at them and I want to do something stupid, fool around and respond to the criticisms of parents: «Sorry, Mom!»

Did you ever wanted to do what you want, not to worry about nothing and no steam because of work, school, relationships. So nice though sometimes not think of anything! Tell me, about what   you want to stop worrying?

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Project Details

  • Infophoto - Kushyk Olya; producer Lana Barabanova , Kate Soboleva; style Yana Holub; strategic digital agency Aimbulance for PEPSI Ukraine