Lookbook Obrani SS`13

Project Description

America’s 1920-30 years — it is diverse and unique period. Here is conservative length and original design solutions that perfectly reflects the time and place. When women were the most flirtatious in their dresses? It was time to shortened length, deepened neckline, to show the nature of women and capricious in her outfit.

Bilateral transformation every outfit, mirroring reality, the lack of black and used natural paint and colors — all this makes the collection incredibly feminine. Pastel milk tones, supplemented by a palette of bright purple, green, pink, blue and orange colors make this collection unique.

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Project Details

  • Infophoto, retouch - Kushyk Olya; hair - Andrej Yablonskij; mua - Natasha Strelchuk; model - Olga Rozhdestvenskaya