Lookbook Obrani Manishki

Project Description

Willing to look at the old from the new view? You have a great opportunity to evaluate the OBRANI autograph collection Manishka. It emphasized style and personality of each woman. The idea of using the forgotten element — dickey — belongs to the designer Elena Migdisovaya. Incredibly popular element has been unjustly forgotten, but now dickey started a new life.

Photos are filled with conservatism and magnetism of a woman who may be different. Manifestation of inaccessibility, cold stresses incredible continuation of the style, which create a unique image of a successful, fashionable and modern woman, which fashion house OBRANI is helping to be. But at the same time emphasizes the mystery, the mystery that is inherent in every woman and it is not so easy to solve. Look in her eyes — that is where she is hiding.

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Project Details

  • Infophoto, retouch - Kushyk Olya; hair - Igor Lomov; make-up - Natasha Strelchuk; models - Kristina Buriak, Yana Doroshenko