«Interference» for 1MAGAZINE

Project Description

A fresh breeze of surrealism inspired us for the series «Interference», specially forms, which play an important role. Where you’ll see the clothes from the plastic, lips from the foam rubber and pants from foil? Future of which we dream about is already on our streets, it does not need to wait, it ‘s already here.
With the help of makeup, freaky hairstyles and dresses, we pass the phantasmagoria of the day, everyday contrasts in red and green colors. Glare of the glass, light bulbs, synthetic materials — this is the future that awaits us. The main thing — to leave the natural feelings.

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Project Details

  • InfoPhoto, retouch - Kushyk Olya; Style - Ekaterina Nikitina; Make-up - Lesya Dyakonova; Hair - Sergey Shapochka; Model - Alena Vovk; Cover story for 1MAGAZINE