Delicious cake

Project Description

Bright colors and bold images — we decided to challenge modern society. Expressive details help us to play on contrasts and catch your mind: the dark as night eyes and white as milk skin .
Radicalism in all this manifestation is in dresses of models — bold mini and original maxi . Do not forget that life in the city — it is a struggle of manners, styles and eras. You will never know what will inspire you to create your tomorrow today .
Photoshoot is a delicious cake , which mixed the crumbs aggression of the modern world with the vision of the photographer as a sweet cherry on the top.

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Project Details

  • InfoPhotographer, retouch - Kushyk Olya; Style - Ekaterina Nikitina; Make-up, hair - Lesya Dyakonova; Models - Kriss Kulyk, Maria Zubtsova, Kristina Buriak